Home Automation

Control your entire home at the touch of a button

Intelligently integrated technology will help ensure your time at home is easy, convenient, enjoyable and secure. Control over your entrance gates, lighting, air conditioning, security systems, windows, curtains and blinds can all be incorporated in to your control system so they are only a button press away whether you are at home or anywhere in the world.

Modern luxurious homes will inherently have a burglar alarm, air conditioning system, entrance gates, entertainment systems and lighting systems. Although all of these systems can run independently the purpose of a Smart Home is to integrate these technologies together in to a single easy to use touch screen controller making your whole home smarter and simpler to operate.

Integrated systems work together in harmony. For example the telephone system mutes the music when the phone rings, the blinds automatically close to cool the property on a hot summer’s day, or the perimeter alarm system activates detecting an intruder in the garden and the CCTV images of that area are instantly displayed on every TV screen so you have advanced warning to react accordingly.

Home Automation can also preserve the beauty of your interior design by keeping all technology out of site until you actually require it.

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