Bed Room AV systems

Bedroom audio video systems are a seamless part of your bedroom, allowing you to do whatever helps you chill-out the best. Never intrusive, just there whenever you need it, the technologies we use surround you with beautiful sound, and display vibrant video.

Then in the morning, get in touch with the latest developments before you even step out of the door.

Denon RCD-N7Denon N7

Network CD Receiver with SC-N7 Loudspeakers. Enjoy your iPod and Online Music, too, with this AM/FM/CD Receiver. The RCD N7 is a CD Receiver System that lets you set your iPod or iPhone into a dedicated dock on the top to enjoy music with high quality sound or listen to internet radio or online music.

Wharfedale Loud Panel PPS-1WH PPS1
LoudPanel from Wharfedale is a revolutionary system of sound reproduction from a panel just a few millimetres thick.Simply spray-mount the pictures of your choice to the surface to create a ‘stealth’ loudspeaker system perfectly camouflaged in the room.

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