Dedicated Home Cinema

Grand Cinema is a one stop solution for your dedicated home theater / home cinema. From Interior Design to Installing equipments, we provide all services for creating your home cinema to ensure that your plans are brought to a stunning finish on time and within budget.

Living Room Home Theatre

Any living room can be turned into a multi-purpose entertainment room with the help of our award winning small speaker packages and electronics.  And with optional IR Sensors, all equipments can be completely hidden, maintaining the elegance design of your beautiful home.                

Bed Room AV systems

Stylish, Simple AV Systems for bedroom entertainment. Just because you have limited space doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good stereo system. We offer a top pick list of the best-sounding, name-brand stereo systems for your bedroom that doesn’t take a lot of space.

Multi Room Systems

Multizone or distributed home entertainment is a new way to enjoy your favorite music, news, and sports anywhere in your home. A single, centralized system that gives you the freedom to enjoy your entertainment wherever you want it at Home!

Home Automation

Home Automation does not need to be complicated. We offer systems right the first time, use quality products, and employ top-notch programmers and engineers for your home and office spaces. Let us create something you will enjoy for years to come.

Lifestyle Audio Systems

We bring you lifestyle audio systems that not only simplifies, occupies not much of your space and adds style to your life, but also delivers a no-nonsense quality when it comes to listening to your favorite songs in high fidelity !!

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