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Dedicated Home Cinema


Grand Cinema is a one stop solution for your dedicated home theater / home cinema. From Interior Design  to Installing equipments, we provide all services for creating your home cinema to ensure that your plans are brought to a stunning finish on time and within budget.




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A Home Cinema Package


Living Room Home Theatre


Any living room can be turned into a multi-purpose entertainment room with the help of our award winning small speaker packages and electronics.  And with optional IR Sensors, all equipments can be completely hidden, maintaining the elegance design of your beautiful home.

Paradigm MilleniaOne

Paradigm Millenia One 5.1 System


Paradigm Cinema 100 CT 5.1



Denon AVR-1912

Yamaha RXV-671

Yamaha RXV-671








Bed Room AV systems


Bedroom audio video systems are a seamless part of your bedroom, allowing you to do whatever helps you chill-out the best. Never intrusive, just there whenever you need it, the technologies we use surround you with beautiful sound, and display vibrant video.

Then in the morning, get in touch with the latest developments before you even step out of the door.

Denon RCD-N7Denon N7

Network CD Receiver with SC-N7 Loudspeakers. Enjoy your iPod and Online Music, too, with this AM/FM/CD Receiver. The RCD N7 is a CD Receiver System that lets you set your iPod or iPhone into a dedicated dock on the top to enjoy music with high quality sound or listen to internet radio or online music.

Wharfedale Loud Panel PPS-1WH PPS1
LoudPanel from Wharfedale is a revolutionary system of sound reproduction from a panel just a few millimetres thick.Simply spray-mount the pictures of your choice to the surface to create a ‘stealth’ loudspeaker system perfectly camouflaged in the room.

Multi Room Systems



Home Is Where Your Entertainment Is

“Staying in” never sounded so goodNiles Audio

Multizone or distributed home entertainment is a new way to enjoy your favorite music, news, and sports anywhere in your home. It used to be that your entertainment was limited to a family room or a bedroom with components piled high and big speakers on the floor. Besides all the clutter, the problem was that once you left the room, you also left your entertainment behind.

The solution is simple: a single, centralized system that gives you the freedom to enjoy your entertainment wherever you want it. Imagine dad in the den listening to jazz, mom cooking up hot and spicy sounds in the kitchen, while the kids are upstairs rocking out. That’s what multizone audio is all about.

Home Automation


Control your entire home at the touch of a button

Intelligently integrated technology will help ensure your time at home is easy, convenient, enjoyable and secure. Control over your entrance gates, lighting, air conditioning, security systems, windows, curtains and blinds can all be incorporated in to your control system so they are only a button press away whether you are at home or anywhere in the world.

Modern luxurious homes will inherently have a burglar alarm, air conditioning system, entrance gates, entertainment systems and lighting systems. Although all of these systems can run independently the purpose of a Smart Home is to integrate these technologies together in to a single easy to use touch screen controller making your whole home smarter and simpler to operate.

Integrated systems work together in harmony. For example the telephone system mutes the music when the phone rings, the blinds automatically close to cool the property on a hot summer’s day, or the perimeter alarm system activates detecting an intruder in the garden and the CCTV images of that area are instantly displayed on every TV screen so you have advanced warning to react accordingly.

Home Automation can also preserve the beauty of your interior design by keeping all technology out of site until you actually require it.

Lifestyle Audio Systems


Lifestyle products are the perfect solution for those who demand full-bodied sound in a compact package with simple functionality. Products are engineered to the same standard of quality as all of our high end audio systems with the flexibility to adapt to today’s consumer needs, you will be stunned by the quality of sound available in these range of products.

These complete, integrated solutions take the worry out of matching components for the best synergy, while the unimpeachable Grand Cinema’s reputation guarantees that you are buying the high performance lifestyle audio system.

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